1911 Wooden Rubber Band Gun

1911 Wooden Rubber Band Gun


This 1911 Wooden Rubber Band Gun made popular by golden age Hollywood gangsters. Rule the office with an iron fist by keeping workers using the rubber band machine gun. This rubber band sub-machine handgun looks good, feels good, and shoots good, and hand made from solid maple, it is modeled after the classic “1911” handgun and it is effective at shooting up to 6 rubber bands from its beautiful maple frame and  ranges up to 30 feet.

Although your goal will not competing theirs, you are absolute to get a lot more exciting, altering your workplace right into a no-holds-barred shootout, a realistic replica of exactly what many know to become the world’s most best gun. . Packaged on a wooden display board to have a presentation that makes a fantastic gift.


Product Details:

  • Modeled after the classic “1911” handgun
  • All wood construction.
  • Semi-Automatically fires 6 rubber bands
  • Comes with ammo, instructions and is packaged on a wooden display board
  • Solid Maple and Walnut wood
  • 100 bands included
  • Made from solid maple and walnut woods, no plastic
  • Made in the USA

$49.99 on Amazon.com


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