Bulletproof Drinking Shot Glass

Bulletproof Drinking Shot Glass


Have a shot to the face in more tactics than one by drinking your favorite beverage using these Bulletproof Drinking Shot Glass.

Putting the shot around shot glass, this enjoyable glass shooter features a real bullet inserted in to the side of it, however, not much sufficient to avoid you from taking pleasure in your favorite drink. Additionally they come up with a cool slanted glass and a tumbler.

Each 1.5 oz. shot glass is handcrafted from a glass workshop in Wisconsin and it is 100% safe to drink from. The bullet located in the side contains no gunpowder, will not come into contact with the drink inside, and will not come drop, therefore it is also totally dishwasher safe.

Product Details:

  • 1.5 oz. shot glass
  • A glass is 100 % safe to drink
  • Made in the USA

$15.00 at Amazon.com

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