Car Inflatable AirBed Mattress Back Seat

Car Inflatable AirBed Mattress Back Seat


This unique one is for your car inflatable mattress back seat. It comes with pillows plus your back seat no need to be folded down for this to fit. The mattress comes in several different colors like blue and neutrals. It is the most suitable car outdoor camping sleeping mattress. Included are pillows, an electric car pump, and restoration pad and glue kits.

It is a high quality inflatable airbed for use on your car or SUV backseat. It is eco-friendly and it has cold resilient features. Ideal for long driving together with your family. Your will never feel all the humps and pot holes in the road while driving therefore they will have even more good sleep when while travelling.


Product Details:

  • Transportable Car Bed mattress is made to fit backseats of all cars or trucks, and SUVs.
  • Transportable Airbed – Comfy, Long lasting, and easy to Use
  • Backseat Mattress Comes along with car air pump that easily inflates mattress to your desired firmness
  • Not just can offer a comfortable atmosphere while in car travelling and sleeping, and also can make a romantic room for users.
  • The car inflation mattress is divided into two parts, that can be blew up separately, and you can adjust the inflation size as needed.

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