Cute DIY Gift for Him: What I Love About You From A to Z Mini-Book

I Love About You from A to Z Mini-Book

Do you have a great gift for your boyfriend or special someone? Make your own collection or mini-book for someone that you love writing from A-to Z to express why you love him. You will have a uniquely personal gift surprise to the one you love that will read again and again. It’s an awesome creative way of showing just how much you value someone, even if it’s only small things, or bigger stuff that you could not put into words.


I Love About You from A to Z Mini-Book


Materials Needed:

  • White Card Stock Paper
  • Pentel Color Pen
  • Paper Punches
  • Binder ring

Wonderful gift for lovers that have been together for a very long time and are running out of things to buy. This really is sweet and personal on a different level. These are sure to tell your sweetheart simply how much you love him. And also, save a little money, too. Check out their website at The Thinking Closet to get the full details.

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