DIY Mosaic Tray: Perfect Gift for Modern Men

Mosaic Decorative Tray

Mosaic Decorative Tray

Why not treat your man just like the royalty guest in your house? Serve him the meal on tray just like the king! They are classy, handy and make us look like we are living in a glamorous lifestyle. Whether your spouse surprises you with breakfast in bed or surprise our boyfriend once they go to our house to visit, this tray tells him that we care. Yes! We care about the plan and we care about someone we are serving!

You’ll need:

  • Tray
  • Broken china mosaics or broken mirror
  • High Gloss Finish / epoxy
  • White Paint
  • Blow torch

This tray is probably unique. In terms of mosaics, you’ve got a thousands of choices; simply choose your favorite design and you are all set! It is also a great way to bring some color inside of your living area and make it appear livelier. Check out Reality Daydream how to make it happen!

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