Electric Hand Shocking Lie Detector

Electric Hand Shocking Lie Detector

The Electric Hand Shocking Lie Detector is a desk top gadget that you simply put your victim’s hand to, providing a little electric shock when it feels a lie is going to be told. Perfect for having fun with your pals as well as wanting to outdo, the Electric Hand Shocking Lie Detector can have everybody in the room fascinated.

The Electric Hand Shocking Lie Detector analyze the information and stores the data once every question presenting a collection of data on the person getting asked. This implies the more questions that you simply ask, the more details the Lie Detector has to evaluate.

The Electric Hand Shocking Lie Detector does simply that. It will allow you to ask anybody the questions you desperately want the answers to, and when anybody tells a lie, then they will probably be electrified from the built-in shocker. Just put the victims hand on to the product and ask them the questions it is that simple. Once they take away their hand the honest ones can leave with no strike, those who tell lies or even just a lot of half-truths is going to be shocked. This Hand Shocking Lie Detector will help look out of the white lie among buddies, co-workers and lovers.

Product Details:

  • Unique silver shocking liar machine
  • Contain Instructions Guide
  • Requires 3 x “AA” batteries (included)
  • Measurement: D 6.3″ x H 3.5″ inches

$20.67 at Amazon.com

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