Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals

Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals


The Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals have text on the bottommost of the flip-flops that print words in the sand as you walk. These flip-flops are a great way to get a fun at the beach, or attract a new stalker. The bring beer beach sandals are made from 4 layers of relaxed EVA foam, and are possibly pretty cool to make yourself with a blade or an x-acto razor if you are the DIY type of person, just remember to take them off first.

Instead of carrying half your paycheck on beer every Friday, score some free lathers with the Follow Me Bring Beer Sandals. These comfortable 4-layered EVA foam flip-flops leave a track of less than delicate “bring beer” messages to some party goers, leading them straight to you with drink skies in hand.

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