FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox

FoodSkin Flexible Lunchbox

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Ever experienced that your perfectly assembled sandwich has fallen to pieces when you take it out of your lunchbox? The amazing Complete FoodSkin has a highly elastic silicone skin that holds your sandwich together. It has a perfect fit for any food, and is completely flat when empty.

You can, of course, just carry this in hand to and from work, if you like to travel without a bag in tow.  Do note, this thing looks odd with food items bulging on the silicone skin, kind of like one of those alien things busting out of people’s skins.  Which, we guess, you’ll actually like, so enjoy.


  • Don’t let your lunch box mangle your meal!
  • Elasticated silicon skin keeps the shape of whatever is inside
  • Preserve the pristine construction of your heavenly sandwiches
  • Packs down nice and flat when empty
  • Keeps your food zip-lock fresh, no need for foil or cling film



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