Gift Idea for a Real Man – DIY Socks Bouquet

Gift Idea for a Real Man - DIY Socks Bouquet


This will be a truly unforgettable gift idea for a man in your life. Lots of socks twisted in the socks bouquet! An extremely worthy idea of a gift for a real guy. If you are a woman and want to surprise your boyfriend, spouse or man who has everything. Oh! and by the way, this gift idea will not be just a surprise, it will always be a useful for any man, trust me! So don’t think twice, use this idea, don’t hesitate to waste some time for twisting dozens of socks. No doubt, you’ll be the one that will impress a guy with this kind of gift surprise. Bunch of socks turned into a socks bouquet!


Here’s what you need:

  • Socks
  • safety pins
  • wooden dowels or skewers
  • a vase
  • a ribbon

See the full details from ‘ONE GOOD THING BY JILLEE’ to make a surprising gift out of the most ordinary one: DIY Socks Bouquet!







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