00style: James Bond Accessories Every Man Should Have

James Bond Sean Connery

James Bond is the king of men’s accessories. From his briefcase, to his sunglasses, to his pen, everything is utterly stylish. So, we have rounded up some of our favorite accessories typically worn by the secret agent that every stylish man should have. It must be noted that these items do exactly what they say on the tin. So don’t expect to be able to set off a grenade with the click of your pen or see through clothing using your glasses.

James Bond Sean Connery


  1. Briefcase

Bond’s briefcase is always simple (perhaps to avoid drawing attention to its lethal contents). But just because it is simple, does not mean it should be nondescript. The most stylish cases are understated. Look for a classic black or brown case with gold or silver fastenings. If you want to stay true to the secret agent’s style, purchase a hard briefcase that opens at the top. Alternatively, pick a soft leather case that has a fastening flap for a more modern take on Bond’s style. Although your briefcase will have a classic exterior, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun with the inside. You might like the idea of a red velvet interior or a colorful striped finish.

Briefcase black white


  1. Wallet

Bonds wallet is minimalistic yet multifunctional. Similarly to your briefcase, your 007 wallet should be black or brown leather. In terms of shape, a square shape would be suitable. However, if you want to be super trendy, a style often seen today amongst the fashion savvy is longer, more rectangular wallets. It should be big enough to hold notes, cards and change so, like Bond, you are prepared for any eventuality.

  1. Watch

007’s watch was capable of shooting lasers, sawing through rope and deflecting bullets. Unfortunately, your watch won’t be able to do these things, but it will at least look very cool. Bond’s watch is traditionally stainless steel and is a decent size and weight. Designer watches of this kinds carry a hefty price tag so you may want to look online for the best deal or consider buying a second-hand watch.

Golden watch


  1. Sunglasses

Bond has been seen in a number of different styles of sunglasses, from sporty to vintage. We recommend borrowing style tips from modern bond and opting for a pair of classic aviators. Look for styles with slim silver frames and blue tinted lenses. Worn with your perfectly tailored black suit, you will look very 007 indeed.

  1. Pen

Even though your pen will be unable to detonate a bomb, it will be a very useful item to have on you. Go for a slimline silver or gold ballpoint pen, with a clicker. Or go for a futuristic style as seen in Skyfall. If you want to feel even more like a secret agent, look for pens with lasers, show you the time or that can be used on paper and your smartphone or tablet.

We hope these accessories transform you from Joe Bloggs into James Bond.

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