Metal Container Tissue Box Cover

Metal Container Tissue Box Cover


This Metal Container Tissue Box Cover does not come with tissues inside it. What you do is that you simply make the container around the box. It is very easy and absolutely exciting to create this plastic decoration. Simply slot and lock the seven parts in position around your tissues and you will be sneezing in style in no time.

Shipping Container Tissue Box Cover not just appear to be shipping and delivery containers, they are made of iron too. They are available in 5 designs and two sizes. Large enough to keep a standard box of facial tissues


Product Details:

  • Container Tissue Box Cover.
  • Made of iron.
  • Size: 30.5*12.5*14.0 CM (Large), 16.5*12.5*14.0 CM (Small)
  • Now available in Blue, Red, Green, Orange, Yellow and Grey.
  • Easy to assemble

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