Portable Barbecue Toolbox

Portable Barbecue Toolbox


Portable Barbecue Toolbox is the convenient bbq which appears like a vintage metal toolbox for do it yourself eating everywhere. The steel design was created in a bright red color and it is handled to resist high temperatures. Inside of the box features a middle stainless-steel grill area measured 7.87 x 9.44cm x 17.51 inches letting you cook some burgers, sausages or veggies at the same time. The barbeque grill includes a detachable fuel tray where charcoal could be loaded, while an adjustable port controls the circulation of oxygen on the hot coals for safety and to keep heat.

Set up an improvised bbq at nearly any relaxing area by carrying along this BARBECUE toolbox to the picnic. With a grill, heating tray and racks for tools, spices and herbs, the BARBECUE Toolbox includes everything you need to be able to grill a meal on the go. A Perfect gift for outdoorsy types.


Product Details:

  • Toolbox designed foldable barbecue
  • Stainless Steel design
  • Convenient style – carry handles which also acts as the base
  • Stainless-steel bbq grill – Measures 7.87 x 9.44cm x 17.51 inches
  • Detachable fuel tray for charcoal with adjustable port
  • Fold-out heating rack and storage tray
  • Ideal for outdoors dining while camping as well as for days out


$129.53 on Amazon.com

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