R2 Fish School Training Kit

Fish School Training Kit

Train your fish to play soccer, shoot hoops, do the slalom, limbo dance and a lot more using this R2 Fish School Training Kit. Includes all you need to train your fish an amazing tricks by using a food reward drill.

Most fish 1-6 inches in length can be trained. Each kit comes with all the hoops, tunnels, balls you need and over 25 different parts to train your fish with several tricks. The training results are quick and the kit is quite easy to understand. It’s about time for you and your pet fish to impress your close friends and family!


Product Details:

  •  Instructional DVD: 45 minutes of training info with Dr. Dean, Comet and Kyle
  •  Fish school training program, the best stadium for your fish’s tricks.
  •  Over 25 training accessories
  • Feeding wand – the secret to positive reinforcement training
  •  Instructional color manual with over 100 helpful images and packed with training tips
  • Compact base for small tanks and bowls
  • Dimension: 11.4 x 2.6 x 6.9

$26.24 on Amazon.com

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