Reviveaphone Water Damaged Mobile Repair Kit

Reviveaphone Water Damaged Mobile Repair Kit


The Reviveaphone Water Damaged Mobile Repair Kit is one of the most helpful solution to recover a variety of electronic devices which are water damaged, just like cellphones, MP3 players, digicams and portable games consoles. You possibly can protect your valuable data such as telephone numbers or pictures.

Reviving a phone once you soak it into the bathtub or sink or swimming pool isn’t just about drying it off. The solution works on a number of models such as iPhones, Samsung or some kind of different mobile phone.

Product Details:

  • 200ml cleaning treatment
    Water damaged mobile phone restoration kit
  • Repairs cell phones, digital cameras, handheld games consoles and some other gadget that suits inside the bag
  • Easy to use! No disassembly of your device needed
  • Fix your gadget in just 24 hours.

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