ShelfPack Travel Luggage With Built-In Shelves

ShelfPack Travel Luggage With Built-In Shelves


This ShelfPack Travel Luggage with Built-In Shelves, organize your items on the pre-installed shelves and front pockets, then just simply drop the shelves into the case, lower the supports and zip it closed. This could be useful whenever you are attempting to pack because it helps you set up your different kinds of clothes.

It can also be very useful if you are staying at an inexpensive hotel that doesn’t supply a large enough closet, or even you don’t want the hassle of having to unpack again. Once you arrive, open the case, extend the supports, pick up the shelves and enjoy easy visibility and hassle free use of all your things. It’s that easy!


Product Details:

  • Very handy and super organized travel luggage bag
  • Easy access front pockets.
  • Large capacity, checked bag. Weighs just 14 lbs.
  • Ideal for everyday or business travel.
  • A transportable closet bag
  • No need to unpack!

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