Sound Asleep Speaker Pillow

Sound Asleep Speaker Pillow


Nothing can describes relaxation just like getting yourself warm in bed and listening to your favorite music. The Sound Asleep Speaker Pillow is really a smart and comfy device that plays your favorite songs through a speaker which is buried deep inside the pillow.

The sound is just clear to the person lying on the pillow, which is great when you and your bed spouse have slightly different tastes of music. The Sound Asleep Speaker Pillow has a headphone jack that will connect your iPod/MP3 player/radio, meaning you can drift off listening to the sweet sound of your favorite songs, safe in the knowledge that you won’t be disturbing anyone else’s those around you.



  • A very comfortable, hollowfibre filled pillow with a built-in speaker
  • A detachable wire that connects the pillow to your MP3 or other music player thru the headphone jack
  • The speaker is hidden therefore you can hear clearly without disturbing those around you
  • You can’t feel the speaker
  • Material is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester
  • The connector cable is around 124cm long


66 x 37 x 18cm


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