The Amazing VSSL Survival Kit

The Amazing VSSL Survival Kit


The Amazing VSSL Survival Kit is really a modern and compact container for survival products. At about the same dimension and weight like a conventional heavy-duty flashlight, VSSL kit contains fifteen various tools that make it easier to survive the elements.

The durable aluminum tube screws onto a super-bright LED flashlight on a single end and a good oil-filled compass on the other. VSSL Survival Kit holds 7 extra weather-resistant metal storage containers that hold together, each composed of a very important survival tool. VSSL packs in so much helpful stuffs that when it weren’t so serious, we would call it a clown car of survival tools.


Product Details:

  • Small, weather-proof anodized aluminum Container
  • Dual way (static and SOS) LED flashlight (batteries included)
  • Compass (oil filled); reflective way markers; four-hour candle; razor blades; six water cleansing tablets
  • Wire saw (big tensile, 60 pound active strength with shoulder straps); stainless beadless emergency whistle; water-resistant matches; fire starters; fishing kit; indicating mirror
  • Marine-grade string (250 lb. breaking strength)
  • P38 military GI Type can opener
  • First-aid supplies
  • Weight: 19 oz. (538.64 g)
  • Sizes: 9 3/16” x 2” (240 mm x 50 mm)
  • Made in Canada

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