The iPhone 5 Case Maker Pro

The iPhone 5 Case Maker Pro


The iPhone 5 Case Maker Pro itself is chrome steel. The 14 multi-angle cutting blades are totally surrounded for safely and securely cutting with perfection. The Excellence Camera Hole, great part sides, and complete wonderful body appearance is cut in a single one effective movement. The top cover also comes in a combined finish an excellent source of gloss polish with matte texture design features. Super sturdy design ready for duplicated use.

Pro Case. The integrated Safety Case is a double injection polycarbonate with a high quality silicon part protector side and a thin low profile holder. Maximized crystal clear visibility to strongly show the vibrant image below. New edge visibility surfaces displays your iPhones authentic steel sides.

Laminators. The lamination films are usually device laser cut in order to completely fit with the case as well as your recently cut graphic. A detailed formula of stickiness has become put on a single side therefore it stays to your image cut out. This doubles the size of your image and provides it a gloss shine while protecting a new work of art. It will help it look amazing.

What’s inside the box. The iPhone 5 Case Maker Pro comes with the Case Maker Pro image cropper, a polycarbonate crystal clear Pro Case, plus a variety of different lamination films.

Case Maker Pro
iPhone 5/5s

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