Tikker Wrist DeathWatch

Tikker Wrist DeathWatch


An everyday wristwatch will tell you the latest time in the present, that is sort of helpful, yet wouldn’t the item become morbidly kind of cool to get a watch that counts down the time to your predictable death, to help you to be motivated in making every second count?

The cool innovative Tikker Wrist DeathWatch may look like a great wrist, however after calculating the entire year, month, week, day, hour, minute, and second of your time of death according to a number of questions, it starts your final countdown. Indeed, it also tells the present time, but I believe the death countdown is sort of impress to keep you aware of wasted time and find the most out of your life which is continually ticking away, second by second. It doesn’t totally predict the future, therefore a rogue killer asteroid or something isn’t very figured into the formula, however, you can get the overall idea when you get closer and closer to the end.


Product Details:

  • Tikker Wrist DeathWatch
  • Says your predicted life span.
  • Don’t waste another second!
  • Tikker, the happiness watch that counts down your daily life, so that you can hold the time of your life.

$76.09 at Firebox.com

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