UAG Composite MacBook 12” Case

UAG Composite MacBook 12” Case


The UAG Composite MacBook 12” Case gives your lightweight military-grade shield for your Apple MacBook. This armor piece case features a solid external case, a soft effect resistant core and included shock absorbing bumpers, all protecting from scratches and drops. A rubberized screen surround securities your device is sheltered when it’s placed flat on the table, screen side first. This shielding edge also delivers great grip, so you can securely hold your Apple MacBook while reading or web surfing.

The design features a three dimensional outlet backing which lets air to flow so your MacBook won`t get anxiously hot during prolonged use. Keep your MacBook out of harm’s way while working in the field by using this military position MacBook armor.


Product Features:

  • Lightweight combination construction
  • Armor case and impact resistant soft core
  • Double lock protected screen closure
  • Cooling outlets for uncompromised air flow
  • Inserted metallic logo compliments the cases unique design
  • Encounters military drop-test standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6)
  • Fits the Apple MacBook 12″

$70.05 on Amazon

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