Vertical Chess Board Set

Vertical Chess Board Set


This Vertical Chess Board Set allows you to stand while challenging your enemy to an everyday game of chess. All of the chess parts associated with slim acrylic racks, when you move your pieces across the board.

The game works well in locations where you and your challenger can make a move and turn back later. Use the integrated indicators in this 3D chess set to mark “Last Move” and “Check”. Make your move, mark it “Last Move” and proceed your way. Afterwards your competitor’s stops by, makes their move and the game proceeds.

Every up and down chess board is made from the USA by Straight Up Chess. Aside from chess, the boards double as an excellent piece of wall art for decorating up your home and workplace spots, just like a professional office,hallway, game room, bar area and much more. Connect with your mates and co-workers over a simple board game that needs loads of intelligence in a traditional new style. Who knows this could make chess interesting for people who still don’t enjoy it very much!

Product Details:

  • Vertical Chess board created for a casual game of chess
  • Basic Designed Chess parts, weighted
  • All boards are produced in USA by Straight Up Chess
  • Wall Art and amusement in a single package
  • Elegant design for home or office

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