Watch Ya’ Mouth Funny Game


Watch Ya’ Mouth Funny Game is an easy, entertaining, card-based Party Game for approximately 8 players. Players take goes seeking to understand what their team mate, who’s afflicted with a mouth opener, is saying. The team with the most amount of correct readings at the end of four rounds is the winner. Each team has a “reader” and an “interpreter”. The reader suits the mouth opener into his/her mouth, pulls a card from the stack, and tries to read the word to their team mate.


Your team has 2 minutes to understand as much phrases as you can. Put a mouthpiece in your cake hole, switch the clock, get a card, and then try your very best to read out as many deliberately-hard-to-read phrases as possible.


  • 156 cards of tested, entertaining phrases
  • One of the humorous party games of 2016!
  • 10 mouth openers
  • 2 minute sand timer
  • Scoring sheet
  • Instructions

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