Woodchuck Plazmatic X USB Rechargeable Lighter

Woodchuck Plazmatic X USB Rechargeable Lighter


The Woodchuck Plazmatic X USB Rechargeable Lighter is definitely the unique lighter you will ever have. It takes a hot 900 degree Temperature dual heating beam that not just looks nice, it will work during the windiest of conditions also.

This coolest lighter is 100% rechargeable and has no butane, fluids or chemical substances and leaving you with a fresh feeling light every use. It’s going to work with everything from cigars to cigarettes to bowls to hemp wick to other things you need lighting. Because it works on battery, you have to charge it, therefore simply plug it into any USB outlet available.



  • Woodchuck coated design on zinc alloy case
  • Exclusive gold painted metal components and button
  • No fluids, no butane, no foul chemicals
  • USB rechargeable and 100% electric
  • Windproof, waterproof, flameless
  • Blazing hot dual heat beams (900 degrees F)
  • Perfect touch in your hand weighing in at 6 oz. per unit
  • Easy to clean and preserve


  • 50-100+ lights for every charge
  • Charge Time: 1-2 hours
  • Long-lasting lithium ion battery
  • Size: 7.3cm x 3.6cm x1.25cm
  • 90-day limited warranty from date of purchase.

$51.15 on Amazon.com

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