World’s Biggest Underwear

World's Biggest Underwear


Are you huge enough to take care of these? Definitely to be a massive hit at any party, these kinds of World’s Biggest Underwear, made of 100% cotton and create to fit the largest part of men, this will be a World’s Biggest Undies. It’s made from good quality garment with a true-to-life dual flap on the front and a durable elastic band in the waist.

Keep some of these large briefs inside your bag or trunk. They are extremely handy and you never know whenever they may be useful. In case you hurriedly need a cape, windsock, picnic blanket or simply an additional coating on a cold day, these large underwear have got you covered. Make sure you never try using the World’s Biggest Underwear as a parachute. This large briefs can be great as a fun gift for a big-boned boyfriend, or even just a smart idea for a superhero cape.


Product Details:

  • Fits size 98-100
  • 100% spun cotton
  • Hand Wash Only, Line Dry
  • Fantastic gift for your special someone
  • Durable elastic band to fit around the waist for greatest comfort

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