WOW Float Fridge Cooler

WOW Float Fridge Cooler


This WOW Float Fridges Cooler can be a very cool and useful water beverage cooler that measures 6 x 14 x 16 inches. As displayed in the images, the cooler appears like a small pool float, however the protruding container in the middle can store around 30 cans of your favorite drinks, and it is thick side-walls, double-layered padded bottom and EZ zippered lid mainter your drinks cold. Most of all, floating design enables you to enjoy cold drinks even in the pool, and 4 shaped cup holders allow you to easily access to the cans and bottles that are opened.

It comes with a grommet you can use to connect it to your floating island or lounge or even other things you would like it to stay close to by using this WOW Float Fridge Cooler.


Product Features:

  • Heavy measure PVC design
  • Thick side-walls and double-layered padded bottom maintain drinks cold
  • Capacity as much as 30 cans
  • Included handles
  • EZ zippered covers for fast access
  • 4 shaped cup holders
  • Speed device to fast inflammation and deflation

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