Beer Cookies

Beer Cookies


All you need to create your own Beer Cookies. Just put beer on the cookie blend then pop in the oven. The beer cookies will be prepared to eat up in 10 minutes.

Instead of bring you into the stores to order whole container of butter, huge sack of flour and also a container of baking powder that you will only use annually and  we have gave you exactly the appropriate level of ingredients to bake 10-12 chocolate chip beer cookies in only 15 minutes. All you need is a baking pan, a knob of butter, a bottle of your favorite beer and an extraordinary appetite.


Product Details:

  • Bake 10-12 in to oven, slushy Beer Cookies
  • Just put beer into the cookie blend and pop it in the oven
  • The beer cookies will be ready to eat up just 15 minutes
  • Allow the rich and great flavors romance your tastebuds
  • Measures around 8cm (W) x 15cm (H) x 8cm (D)

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