Bright Lighted Fluffy Slippers

Bright Lighted Fluffy Slippers

This Bright Lighted Fluffy Slippers it’s not just like having streetlights on your feet, it is actually getting lights on your feet! Therefore you can quickly move hands free around a dim house and lowering the chance of dropping around the objects or running into front door, furniture or something not simply noticed in the dark. It includes disposable long-lasting lithium ion batteries.

The Fluffy Slippers are the best evening lights for you. They are perfect for night time walking inside the bathroom and into the kitchen area or anywhere inside your home.  Use light feet slippers help you to find candles, flashlights as well as other emergency lighting sources.

When you use the Lighted Slippers and, when it is dark, the strong LED lights automatic come on! Step out of the slippers and the lights automatic turn off after an interval of a few seconds, giving you enough time to properly go back to bed. A comfy and handy slippers, an ideal gift for any occasion or gift for your boyfriend.


Product Details:

  • Lighted slippers that allow you to see in the dark
  • An ideal gift for any event
  • See at nighttime, experience the coziness and enjoy the convenience
  • Automatic on/off weight and light sensor
  • Bright LED light lightens approx. 20″
  • Darkens and turns off instantly when load device is not activated
  • Materials: super fluffy and non-skid rubber soles
  • Package Size: around 40 x 12 x 7 cm
  • Package Weight: around 1, 5 lbs.

Package Included:

  • 1 x Lighted Slippers
  • X disposable long-lasting lithium ion batteries

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