Colored Tiki Shot Glasses

Colored Tiki Shot Glasses

The Colored Tiki Shot Glasses feature side by side embossed tiki face design. Perfect for making an exotic feel to every fruity cocktail you serve in a party. With four various colors in each gift box, these tiki shot glasses are the impeccably unique gift for someone who wants a taste of tropical fun! Bringing a real flavor of Hawaii into your home or bar, these unique glasses guarantee every drink is really unforgettable.

Be amazed with tiki! Take it on a tropical summer staycation with this freaky tiki ancestors. Loading and sharing your favorite moods and feel absolutely tribal! Whether you are channeling your inner big kahuna or sharing a shot with the entire ohana, this tiki charm will surely bring spice up the party straight to sacred places. Ideal for your boyfriend’s favorite Hawaiian style drinks or makes a great addition to any party!

Product Details:

  • Colored Tiki Shot Glasses
  • Typical tumbler shape with a Hawaiian twist
  • Fun and useful!
  • Set of 4 – orange, green, blue and clear
  • Side by side embossed Tiki face design
  • Stacks for easy storage!
  • Dishwasher safe glass
  • Perfect for Hawaiian style cocktails, iced tea, iced coffee and punch

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