Electric Backscratcher Hair Shaver

Electric Backscratcher Hair Shaver

This Electric Backscratcher Hair Shaver comes with a long extendable handle which locks right into place at any size. It is patent pending handle produces a 135 degree opening and the perfect position to make removing hair at your back will be very easy. The 1.5 inches professional high quality blade offers this back hair trimmer advanced sleek shaving results and greatest result.

This Electric Backscratcher Hair Shaver lets your man make fast work of those irritating back hairs that could be very difficult to maintain trimmed. If you want him to get a great shave back, it only useful that you might want to get him this kind of shaver, and since there are not lots of simple ways to start, you will make it very much easier for him to do.

  • The versatile professional Handle
  • The chargeable electric batteries
  • The professional control button
  • The light-weight design
  • The 135-degree Opening
  • The safety cover
  • The high quality extra-large blade design

$49.99 at Amazon.com

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