10 Funny Boyfriend Gifts (Donald Trump Toilet Paper, Anyone?)

Coin bank shaped like a butt

Nothing says more about a man than his sense of humor. Having a boyfriend you can laugh with, act silly with, look crazy with is one of the best things any woman can hope for. Simply put, humor and a fun personality trumps good looks any day. In honor of those men who fit the funny guy criteria, we’ve compiled a list of funny boyfriend gifts that would be perfect for them. Check it out!


1. Stud Undies – $19.95

White underwear with a long shaft

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Turn the tables on your man and give him this hilariously sexy gift for him to wear! Forget lingerie tonight as it is his turn to be a stud! Go on and have a laugh as the night gets kinky.


2. Funko Vinyl Figure The Big Lebowski The Dude Bobblehead – $13.37

Vinyl bobblehead of Jeff Bridges as the Dude

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Everyone loves the Dude! Played by the iconic Jeff Bridges in the even more iconic film The Big Lebowski, the Dude is the epitome of cool and this awesome bobblehead is no different!


3. Weird Al Yankovic Off the Deep End – $9.15

Weird Al's Nevermind spoof album cover

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Weird Al Yankovic is an American treasure. Regardless of how whether your boyfriend is a fan of Weird Al, this gift is sure to give him the laughs! This is simply one of the best comedy albums out there; it has lots of infectious songs, hilarious quips and undeniable charm. You will not regret giving him this!


4. Fanny Bank Farting Bank – $16.99

Coin bank shaped like a butt

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There’s really not much to be said with this gift. It’s one of those things that say a lot at first glance. It is after all a coin bank shaped like a butt. If this doesn’t make your man chuckle, we don’t know what will!


5. Barbarian Octopus Beanie – $5.96

Funny wool beanie mask with tentacles as beards

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The cold is far from over with winter continuing on in most parts of the world, making it always a good idea to buy items to keep you warm and comfy. On top of the things you should buy to keep warm is this quirky octopus beanie!  Get your man to wear on this on a night out and laugh together as you look at people’s reactions to seeing this beanie!


6. Hidden Sunscreen Flask – $9.99

Hidden Sunscreen Flask funny boyfriend gift

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If as drinking as a couple is your thing then this is an excellent gift to give to your hubby. What it basically is a drinking flask disguised as an unassuming bottle of sunscreen, meaning you can take this pretty much anywhere in public. Hanging out by the pool? No worries. Going out to a football game? No problem. This is a fun recreational gift that the two of you are sure to enjoy!


7. Bigfoot Air Freshener – $5.65

A big foot car freshener

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Here’s a fun prank to do to your boyfriend: surprise him by putting this hilarious Big Shaped air freshener in his car. It has a distinct fragrant smell that is sure to dupe him into thinking that a Sasquatch may have been sleeping in his car. A funny silly gift with a more than affordable price!


8. Anchorman Sex Panther Tee – $14.39

Black shirt with a cool panther print on it

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We here at Buy Him That can all agree with the masterpiece that is Anchorman. It should in fact go without saying that the film will forever hold up among the pantheon of comedies; a universal fact. The same thing can probably be said about your boyfriend. Get him to rock this shirt and see how a sex panther truly rolls! Disclaimer: 60% of the time, it works all the time.


9. What If? : Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical Questions – $14.40

Book cover with a hand drawn illustration

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What if everyone on earth aimed a laser pointer at the moon at the same time? What if all the lightning in the world struck the same place? These are the hard hitting questions that no one ever thought to ask – until now. This book is a work of wonder designing to unleash the inner kid in your boyfriend along with his childlike humor.


10. Donald Trump Toilet Paper – $19.95

Toilet paper roll with Donald Trump's face on it

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Toilet paper has never been more socially relevant until now. Show your support for the Trump by getting this magnificent piece of toiletry! In fact, do not limit yourself to giving this gift only to your man. Instead help share it with the rest of America!

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