Handy Periodic Scroll Out Table Pen

Handy Periodic Scroll Out Table Pen

If your boyfriend is having a lots of chemistry classes, or just has a task in the sciences, this Handy Periodic Scroll Out Table Pen is an innovative gift that offers him quick access to reference materials. If he has more into mathematics, he could also get this interesting Pocket Pi pocket research tool.

Periodic table stylus pens are improve with the addition of stylus function to work on any sort of capacitive touch screen mobile phones, like  iPhone6 plus, iPhone6, iPhone6s, iPad, tablets, Surface, Samsung Galaxy 5, Android mobile phones and so on.

Featuring a rubberized holder and handy pocket clip, this can be a great everyday pen for yourself and a helpful gift for your boyfriend.

Product Details:

  • Double-sided: periodic table on the front and mini guide chart on the back
  • Colored-coded for different around metals, non-metals, and noble gas families, and specific kinds of metals, solids, liquids, and gases from synthetic elements
  • Name, atomic number, symbol, mass, weight and electron configuration for more detail

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