Handy TV Viewing Angle Beer Mug

Handy TV Viewing Angle Beer Mug


Don’t miss a second of the action while you chug your brew just by drinking from this Handy TV Viewing Angle Beer Mug. This plastic mug contains around 1 pint and it has a sloped side that will not block your field of vision when you drink.

A great gift present for serious beer drinkers, sports entranced dads, lazy brothers and boozy granddads! Even though the unique design, it still holds a pint of your favorite ice cold brew and is absolute to bring you some high fives from friends during the football season for inspiration.

Therefore, we find out and we guarantee that if you start doing now, you will be ready to hold your mug using your right hand when times has arrives!

Product Details:

  • Holds around 1 pint.
  • Made from plastic material.
  • Mug measures about 5.9 inches wide x 6.54 inches tall x 3.54 inches in diameter.

$12.00 on Amazon.com

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