KAH Festive Skulls Tequila

KAH Festive Skulls Tequila


KAH Festive Skulls Tequila gives an unforgettable appearance from the bottle from the last drink. The skull-designed bottle provides a little voodoo suspense to your drinking experience. You can even find the bottle in a crystal-studded version, turning it into a eye-catching piece to your home bar. The spirit itself gives a smooth feel which is improved by pepper and spice. The flavor also mixes vanilla, honey and caramel to get a sweet finish, these spirits stand out a lot they are almost too pretty to open.

Liquid has limited stock with this very exciting tequila so get in quick! It’s a truly unique drink. Each bottle is separately hand-painted. These Three bottles are:

  • The Blanco (White bottle) – is described as its aromatic, instant full agave rush, followed ya spicy white pepper punch and a unique pumpkin-floral finish.
  • The Reposado (Yellow bottle) – comes with a balance of sweet notes, oak and agave.
  • The Anejo (Black bottle) – has delicate wood notes, a sleek body, vanilla spice hints, and sweet melon finish.


Product Details:

  • KAH Tequila Gift Pack combines of the 3 KAH Signature Liquids: Blanco, Rosado and Anejo
  • Strong and Sweet/Full Bodied/Vanilla and Spice Notes
  • Three bottles also available in a 3-tiny gift pack set
  • Day of the Dead Tequila

$79.19 at Firebox.com

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