LED Wall Word Clock

LED Wall Word Clock

The amazing unique LED Wall Word Clock gets rid of the digital numbers and the equivalent minute and hour hands and features emphasized words to display the time. The LED Word Clock shows the time in a different and stylish way. Through changing all of the numbers with text, the LED Word Clock slightly stands apart from all the other watches.

White colored LEDs light up the text to ensure that a time like 2:45 is shown as “It is a quarter to three”. It is interior device perfectly keeps time and changes the display once every 5 minutes.

The LED Word Clock’s smart aesthetic is comfy in different design and can be put on the wall or on top of any surface area with the included desktop stand. Great for the home, workplace, or everywhere you want to effortlessly read the time in an exciting way.


Product details:

  • Perfect for office or home
  • Easy to set time
  • White colored LED clearly shows text
  • Built-in stand for desktop display
  • Can be wall placed
  • Sizes: 8” x 8” – Includes AC adapter.

$79.99 on Amazon.com

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