Magic Flaming Fire Wallet Trick

Magic Flaming Fire Wallet Magician Trick

A handy bonfire that lives inside your wallet. This Magic Flaming Fire Wallet Trick necessary for anybody who wants to turn heads. While reopened, it looks an ordinary wallet. A wonderful effect. Here is a fantastic item for those in between areas in your performance. Whenever you have to surprise the crowd a little, take away the wallet from your pocket, open it, and it immediately explodes into flames! And that’s not all. Close it to turn off the fire and then open it once again to make a wallet filled with bills!

Actually, you can make almost everything that could flip or lay flat. Next time when you will paying for something or you have to take your wallet out, think about the look on your friends faces once your wallet explodes into flames!


Product Details:

  • There’s a fire cloth inside the wallet
  • Paint oil on the fire cloth
  • You can use Zippo fluid
  • Normal bi-fold stylish wallet with credit card and banknote slots
  • Material: Synthetic PU leather
  • Ordinary magic with a fire wallet upgrade
  • Makes a perfect gift

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