MonoRover R2 Self Mini Balancing Scooter

MonoRover R2 Self Mini Balancing Scooter

This MonoRover R2 Self Mini Balancing Scooter hi-tech vehicle. This can be a innovative for personal transportation. It is made to be environment friendly with high energy performance. It can take you home through subway station or drive you to your office from the park.

It is easy to learn, you simply need to spend about 1 hour then you can definitely drive, and make more practice, you will feel it is a great and helpful transportation. You can bring it into your workplace, your classroom, as well as in the bus and subway. As also you can take it into the truck. It can be as a wonderful gift to close friends, loved ones, client and colleagues.


MonoRover R2 Self Mini Balancing Scooter





  • High Technology Self Balancing
  • Small Transportable
  • Electric Drive and Environment Friendly Design
  • Convenient and Portable Transportation
  • Vary with rider’s weight/road condition/temperature


  • Tire Size: 170mm
  • Riding Angle: 10°-15°
  • Battery: 36V 4.4ah
  • Range per Charge: 20km
  • Size: 468*400*165mm (H*L*T)
  •        Maximum Speed: About 10km/h
  • Direct Drive Motor: 1000W
  • Charge Time: About 90min
  • Weight Limit: 100kg
  • Body Weight: 10KG

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