Naughty Outlet Wall Stickers

Naughty Outlet Wall Stickers

This Naughty Outlet Wall Stickers will make your wall plug cover appear like two faces having intimate affairs with each other in a position that a doggie will be fond of. No longer will your outlet appears like a couple of amazed heads clinging there while performing nothing but looking silly and white. It is very easy to applied to your outlet with included sponge and instructions, they are available in a 4 pack playful outlet stickers design, and are also available in many different shades to choose from.

The sparks between the couple on the Naughty Outlet Wall Stickers are indisputable. This smutty sticky label design turns any boring electric outlet into a humorous face of a couple having down and doing dirty.

No matter how old you are, everybody loves to laugh. Everyone also knows that the more hardy the laugh, the better you feel. Bring different fun into someone’s life using these comical funny gift items. Perfect gift for your boyfriend’s wall outlet bedroom.


Product Details:

  • Two Outlet Plates
  • Naughty Outlet Wall Stickers Design
  • Can be attached on any hard surface area
  • Standard color is BLACK
  • All stickers are made with 651 Oracal Vinyl
  • Made and ships from USA

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