17 Patriotic Gifts For The Chauvinist Boyfriend

USA shaped plywood with empty beer cap shaped holes

Patriotism is never a bad thing. It is a trait that deserves to be flaunted in honor of you homeland. We all have some sense of patriotism within us, whether we like to admit it or not. Some flaunt it through words, while some through  actions and material objects. This is the perfect list for your uber patriotic boyfriend whom you’ve had difficulty finding gifts for. Worry no more and check out our list of gift ideas for the patriotic boyfriend!


1. USA American Flag Hat – $22.97

USA American Flag Hat

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Keep your man cozy and warm using this unique USA American Flag Hat and looking stylish at the same time. Soft to touch and comfy to wear. Perfect for daily use or many occasions. Show your patriotic spirit!


2. USA Beer Cap Map – $49.99

USA shaped plywood with empty beer cap shaped holes

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This is the perfect gift for your patriotic booze-loving man who does nothing but make a mess out of his beer caps. Complete the entire map of the USA by filling it with beer caps!  Not only does this give your boyfriend a fun excuse to score a six pack but it also encourages him to make proper use of junk such as beer caps. It’s ready to hang and ready to be completed!

3. American Flag T Shirt – $16.99

 American Flag T-Shirt

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Comfy, casual and loose fitting, this heavyweight tee shirt will quickly become certainly one of your favorites. Made from 100% cotton, it wears nicely on anyone.


4. Herschel Little America Backpack – $79.99

Blue backpack with red straps

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This Herschel backpack is a true work of art. Crafted with the spirit of Americana in mind, the backpack is a perfect blend of comfort, utility, and style. Herschel rarely does any wrong with their craftsmanship and this backpack is clearly on exception. A fitting tribute to American culture and simply one of the best backpacks out there.


5. Genuine Leather Patriotic Bracelet – $19.99

Genuine Leather Patriotic Bracelet

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This impressive men’s leather bracelet is superbly hand made with 3 Streep red white blue braided genuine leather together with a stainless-steel magnetic clasp. Give him the memorable and stylish look!


6. Captain America Shield Replica – $23.18

Shiny plastic replica of Captain America's shield

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Own the very shield of America’s Sentinel of Liberty. Captain America has long been known to inspire patriotism to people of all ages and this shield perfectly symbolizes his fight for freedom. This gift is an excellent display piece that your man is sure to love.


7. American Flag USA Baggy Muscle Workout Pants – $26

Workout pants with the American flag design printed on it

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Incredibly cheesy and wonderfully badass! Workout pants don’t always have to be serious and plain. Sometimes it’s good to poke a little fun at yourself during intense workout sessions. Nothing screams silly than having to wear this totally ridiculous looking workout pants!


8. Made in USA Longsleeve T-Shirt – $16

Black longsleeves with a subtle grey print of the US flag on it

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When you think USA, you think tough. This long sleeve shirt embodies that good ol’ rock hard American strength. Get it now for only $16 and show the world what you’re made of!





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Proudly show your patriotism in these CONVERSE MENS ALL STAR FLAG. Classic comfort and style. Great knock around and everyday footwear.


10. American Flag Pom Knit Beanie – $9.60

A knitted soft beanie with stars and stripes printed on it

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The year may be coming to an end but the cold winter is far from over. 2016 is the year for patriotism given the upcoming Presidential elections. Show your love for the US of A by wearing this knitted American beanie while keeping yourself warm!


11.  American Flag Men’s Neck Tie – $5.70

American Flag Men's Neck Tie

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This unique patriotic necktie features the American flag and flair in a very fascinating stylish design. It makes a wonderful gift for Father’s Day or Veterans Day!


12. Wayfarer 80’s Vintage Glasses – $6

Vintage stylish glasses with a USA print on it

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Feeling a little nostalgic? Missing that Top Gun sensibility of American patriotism while feeling stylish? These American themed vintage style glasses are sure to bring back some good memories.


13. American Flag Swim Trunk – $17.99

American Flag Swim Trunk


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Men’s American Flag Swim Trunk are designed for swimming, but who says you can’t use flag shorts around town to show your patriotic style? Wear USA flag swim trunks and feel like an Olympian.


14. USA Flag Fleece Throw Blanket – $30

An oversized blanket that looks like the American flag

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Express your everyday patriotism in the house by getting this oversized USA throw blanket. It’s made from high-end micro fiber and is a great alternative to the more expensive wool blankets. Keeps you warm and keeps the house extra patriotic!


15. American Flag Sandals – $14.99

American Flag Sandals

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These American Flag Sandals are great for any sunny day at outdoors or pool. The insides are really soft and stylish that your feet will feel exactly like relaxing and comfortable.


16. Zippo Eagle Lighters – $21.64

Full metal lighter with an eagle carved on it

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This lighter carved out of full metal by the Greek God of Blacksmithing, Hephaestus himself in honor of the American way is one of the best gifts to give to your America loving man.  Spark the flame of truth and freedom with this lighter now!


17. Fallen Heroes Army Dog Tag – $9.99

A small metal dog tag

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A wonderful piece of craftsmanship that pays tribute to the men who gave their lives to fight for the country. Patriotism at its finest.

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