Portable Pokémon Go Power Bank

Portable Pokémon Go Power Bank


Portable Pokémon Go Power Bank it was designed just like your favorite Pokémon catching ball, the PokéBall Phone battery charger provides you with all the juice you will need for the whole day of Pokémon adventuring! Having speed charging, from a lightweight, tiny, very portable sturdy casing, USB connection & fully Apple and Android compatible.

The battery power is 10000mAh that can completely charge and restore your mobile phone 5-6 times. A clasp is placed on the battery to easily fit on your belt loop or backpack so that you can walk around all day long without holding it. The Pokéball has built-in LED lights for dim/dark lighted places and has a universal micro USB to charge the battery. Your PokéBall Charger is definitely the perfect Pokémon Go accessory for ongoing, long hours of play. Don’t miss another unique Pokémon because of a dead battery & enjoy a long time of Pokémon!


Product Details:

  • Type: Handy / Portable
  • Compatible Type: Mobile Phone, Tablet PC, MP3, MP4
  • Output Interface: Double USB
  • Tech specs: Capacity: 10000Mah
  • Circle life: over 800 times
  • Size: 83 x 83 mm

$40.00 on Amazon.com

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