Rechargeable LED Light Yard Umbrella

Rechargeable LED Light Yard Umbrella

This Rechargeable LED Light Yard Umbrella is perfect for everybody who wants to have it together. A patio umbrella that avoids out the brightness of the sun in the morning, and then you can use it during at night. The donut light consists of 28 LEDs capable to deluge up to 400 lumens over your patio table and seating places. Take it on to the higher end of umbrella, the rods ranging from 0.8″ to 2″ in diameter.

The switch on umbrella light adjustments has two light settings, 28LED – High light on, 8LED – Dim light generated for reading or relaxing on the yard. The 2 integrated chargeable batteries have a USB slot for re-charging using a power bank, CPU, or wall charger. A full charge requires about 8h, and lights can last up to 54h on dim mode.


Product Details:

  • 28 super bright huge LEDs with 400 lumens output at high light, derives with USB interface.
  • 8 LEDs – Dim Light
  • 2 chargeable batteries inserted: 3.7V, 500MA
  • Battery-operated & Easy to Install
  • Pole mounted fit pole size from 0.8” to 2” in diameter, fit for most patio umbrellas.
  • Charging time: 8h (with plug in)
  • Charging cable length: 98.2cm
  • Weight: 366.7g

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