Silver Bear Coffee Mug

Silver Bear Coffee Mug

Enjoy a cup of your favorite drink using this extraordinary Silver Bear Coffee Mug. Having a unique design in the shape of a beautiful bear, it is a stand out mug that’s definite to ‘bear’ comparison with the best kitchen cabinet has to offer!

A designed stainless mug coat with metallic silver finish, the Silver Bear Mug is an excellent gift for animal lovers and the ideal way to have a huge bear of a brew any time. A well-chosen mug makes the great present for almost any event. Whether for birthdays, Christmas or Father’s Day the perfect mug is going to boost a smile, and as a practical, daily gift, a favorite mug will be used repeatedly, throughout the year.


Product Details:

  • A shaped stainless mug with electroplated silver finish
  • Drink from the brains of a decent beverage carrying beast
  • For anybody who gets grizzly before their caffeine fix
  • Smarter than the typical bear mug
  • Measures around 10cm (H) x 14cm (Ø)

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