Skull Stainless Steel Whisky Ice Cubes

Skull Stainless Steel Whisky Ice Cubes


This Skull Stainless Steel Whisky Ice Cubes will recap you just exactly how dangerous that perfectly cooled whiskey probably going to drink is. Made out of stainless-steel, Its requires one or two hrs. of time in the fridge, in return for that they will give their instant degree-dropping powers to glasses of rum, glasses of wine, or bottles of Kool-Aid without having diluting the drinks’ purity.

Add a touch on the macabre in your upcoming group drink using these stainless-steel skull drink chillers. These stainless-steel skull heads are also round so that they will not scratch or scrape your glass, and they are large enough they will keep at the bottom of the glass while drinking. Therefore let loose and get a little spooky next time you’re going to enjoy a drink and pop a skull or maybe more into your favorite libation.

Product Details:

  • Made from High-quality 304 food-grade stainless steel
  • Great using for chilling Wine Whiskey vodka, soda, Juice Coffee cold drink; physical cooling; cold compress treatment and so on.
  • Non-toxic; Eco-friendly Safe
  • Freeze around 2 hours and ready to use
  • Best for scotch or wine drinker or lovers.

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