Stovetop Outdoor Pizza Oven

Stovetop Outdoor Pizza Oven



The Stovetop Outdoor Pizza Oven enables you to cook yummy pizzas on your own oven. Bring your boyfriend over and spend a night in creating your own pizza recipes!

Preheating in mere 10 minutes, the pizza oven from Pizzacraft is fast and simple to use. The interior temperature of the oven reaches 600 degrees F, much higher compared to a standard oven. Therefore, it takes just 6 minutes to cook a whole pizza.

Stop quarreling over which kind of pizza you are going to order! No matter if you’re craving pepperoni, sausage, supreme, or just plain cheese, the pizza oven lets you to collect your own favorite ingredients and save money.

The stovetop pizza oven is made with a durable steel base, cordierite pizza stone, steel cover, and consists of a thermometer. The cooking surface has room for a 12-inch diameter pizza. The pizza cooker measures 14.3 inches by 16.9 inches by 6.7 inches and weighs 14.7 lbs., suitable most stovetops. Make sure to measure your gas top stove to ensure plenty room.

Product Details:

  • Heat-efficient design reaches an interior temperature of 600°F.
  • Cordierite baking stones are separated by a layer of air to diffuse heat.
  • Built-in thermometer tells you when it’s time to add pizza.
  • Moisture vent on top prevents pizza from becoming soggy.
  • Compatible with gas stovetops.

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