Throwing Knife Set with Target Board Kit

Throwing Knife Set with Target Board Kit

Throwing Knife Set with Target Board Kit is great for the beginner seeking to start the art of knife throwing or anybody who wants a challenging new game. The 9 piece throwing knife kit and a target board. Can make knife throwing enjoyable with friends with basic score counts.

Each knife color matched with black and white handle wraps and stainless steel throwing knife with a black anodized texture to extend the blades and features a spider printed on handle. The sides of the blades on this knife have been heat treated to produce a nice metallic finish. Also has nylon sheath included with belt loop.


Product Details:

  • 9 piece throwing knife and target board set.
  • Great Point RC 1793B and RC 179-3 throwing knives.
  • Give a well-balanced throw every time.
  • Laser built at end of knife allows a ribbon to be tied on.
  • Knives are stainless-steel with spider imprinted design on handle.
  • Kit comes with two sided.

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