Vibes Acoustic Filter Earplugs

Vibes Acoustic Filter Earplugs



Vibes Acoustic Filter Earplugs give exceptional hearing protection and enhanced sound quality at loud noise volumes. Ideal for concerts, night clubs, race tracks, sporting events, and much more! Vibes offers a boost experience from normal foam ear plugs.

Ringing in the ears is the most common result of being frequently exposed to loud sounds over a period of time. Vibes gives you unique protection by decreasing sound decibel ranges by around 22 decibels, while simply filtering out the harming sound levels. The low end bass and mid-to-high end radio frequencies still remain, giving a better sound experience.

The design and style comes with a clear outer cover having a smooth low-profile, making the earplugs almost invisible. Each set of earplugs includes 3 size tips (small, medium, and large), letting you customize the fit. Vibes earplugs are very comfy, so that you can use them for prolonged periods without irritation. Each pair comes with a hard pocket-sized case for easy carry and holding. Enjoy live music without damaging your ears using the Vibes Acoustic Filter Earplugs.

Product Details:

  • Vibes Acoustic Filter Earplugs
  • Filters the harmful sound; lets in the good
  • Sound Reduction: 22dB (15 NRR)
  • Lowers decibel levels similarly from bass to treble
  • Great for everyone who is loves listening to live music + security, club/bar staff, and fans at sporting events
  • Almost invisible when inserted
  • Washable ear tips
  • Consists of 3 sets of ear tips (small, medium, large) and also a pocket-sized travel case

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